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“PageRank Increased to 6 (from 4)”

"Since Stephan took charge of referencing and search engine optimisation (SEO) for easyswap.org, the whole team has appreciated his hard work
to make improvements, in particular the quantity and the quality of backlinks. In three months, easyswap.org's PageRank increased to 6 (from 4) thanks in large part to Stephan's efforts. In addition, internal and external links as well as content are much more pertinent. His knowledge and experience in SEO would be a benefit to any organization (...) I am extremely pleased with our collaboration and I highly recommend Stephan"
- Jonathan Rochat, Co-founder and director of easyswap.org

“Professionalism and patience”

"...I highly appreciated Stephan's professionalism and patience in meeting my expectations(…) I'm more into blogging about opera than ever before!"
- Gabriele Bucchi, music and opera critic, auresoavi.com

“Excellent linguistic abilities”

"Mr. Hardy was hired to put into place a referencing and digital marketing strategy for our online printing services.

Mr. Hardy created and maintained all English and French language content. For the German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish contents, Mr. Hardy collaborated with our translation team; however, thanks to his excellent linguistic abilities, he was also able to manage and update the contents in these languages.

His linguistic training was critical for this type of work because of the precison and meticulousness required in choosing keywords and phrases."
- Nico Lugt, Marketing Director, Colorplaza S.A.

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Tagtom can manage production, negociate rights and other contracts, and recrute new talent.
With over 20 years of experience in Canada and Europe, Tagtom offers consulting in project management, human resources and finance, as well as events.
Needs assessment, strategic planning and governance, restructuring and change management.
Website management, writing, graphics and production management.